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Well (borehole) Supplies

Well Supplies
You can easily find our high quality well supplies for your various borehole needs.

Well Pipe ClampsWell Pipe Clamps
The most popular patented tool used worldwide by well drillers, pump installers, well servicemen, and environmental drillers.
Well CameraRCAM 1000
Industry leading high resolution photos for optimal viewing. You can't service what you can't see.

Well ProbesWell Probes
Monitor your groundwater resources for level measurement, drawdown tests, recovery rate, chart trends, etc.
kwik-ZIPKwik-ZIP Pipe Centalizing Systems
Ideal for use with all types of casing, pipe, and screening including PVC, steel, fiberglass, and gravel-packed screen installations.

Casing and Pump ColumnCasing and Pump Column
Product line includes pipe and casing to include plain-end pipe, threaded pipe, fabricated pipe, and precision-fit fabricated parts.
Depth SounderDepth Sounder
Heavy gauge welded steel construction. Precision-machined pulleys. Sealed ball bearing pulleys and reel.

Pipe WrenchesPipe Wrenches
Genuine Ridgid pipe wrenches and parts are world-renowned for their unsurpassed toughness and serviceability.