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Utility Power Pole Drill (with down the hammer)


Features & Benefits

America West's truck-mounted power pole drill is a much preferred and cost-effective method for drilling large diameter power pole holes. The combination of our Missile LXQ down the hole hammer and our efficient bit design makes this the ideal package for drilling large diameter holes suited to the Utility industry.

Available hole sizes:  12”, 14”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”
  • Air Consumption - 804 scfm at 100 psi and 1028 scfm at 125 psi.
  • Oil/Lubrication - 2 Pints per 100 cfm per hour / measured up to 1000 cfm.
  • Rotation Speed/Torque on Head - 10 to 20 RPM.
  • Drilling Depth - 84" Standard; custom extension rods available for other depths.

Power pole drill
Power pole drill in action
Power pole drill setting pole

Technical Specifications
DescriptionOuter DiameterOverall LengthMinimum Hole SizeMaximum Hole SizeOverall Weight
Percussive pole drill with air swivel and 2 5/8" hex drive11.21"118'12.25'24"2243 lbs.
16.75" accelerator shroud for hole diameters greater than 17.25"16.75"73.23"17.25"24"1080 lbs.
20" accelerator shroud for hole diameters greater than 20.50"20"73.23"20.5"24"1790 lbs.
22" accelerator shroud for hole diameters greater than 22.50"22"73.23"22.5"24"2337 lbs.
Extension rod 72"9.92"82.12"1051 lbs.
Air control, lubricator, and liquid injection support module580 lbs.
Sustainability kit QL 120 hammerValve Assembly, O-Ring Check Valve, Bearing Retaining Ring, and O-Rings

Air Consumption Chart

Power Pole Drill Set
Power Pole Drill Set
Component Part
Item #DescriptionQuantity
1Swivel and Shock Absorber1
2-1Locking Pin2
2-2Locking Bolt4
312" Hammer with QL120 Shank1
422" Bit for QL120 Shank1
4-1QL120 Foot Valve1
Red, white, and blue power pole drill

Air Swivel with Cushion Device
Air Swivel with Cushion Device
Component Part
Item #DescriptionQuantity
2V-Packing Bushing 01 (1 ea)2
3V-Packing (3 ea)4
4V-Packing Bushing 02 (1 ea)2
5V-Packing Bushing 03 (1 ea)1
6V-Packing Bushing 041
7Snap Ring1
9Oil Seal1
10Oil Seal1
11Flange 011
12Flange 021
13Hexagon Head Bolt (12 ea)2
14Cushion Device1
15Locking Pin2
16Locking Bolt4
17Cushion Packing (urethane)1
18API 6 5/8" REG Female Joint1

RS-12 / Single Speed unit

  • Universal Mounting Plate for Skid-Skeer
  • Long Reach Universal Mount for Skid-Skeer
  • TruLink Class 1 4" Monitor
  • TruLink Class 1 8" Monitor
  • Link Arm 45mm
  • Pin Assembly 45mm

RS-12 / Single Speed diagram

RS-12 / Single Speed - Specifications
Total Unit Weight546 lbs.
Hydraulic Motor Information
Displacement23.9 cu/in
Motor TypeSingle Speed Bi-Directional
Motor Output Shaft1 1/2" Spline 17T
Motor MountSAE - C 4 Bolt
Motor Ports1 1/16" 12 O-Ring
Cross-Over Pressure ReliefSet @ 3100 psi
Planetary Gearbox Information
Gearbox TypePlanetary Two Stage
Reduction Ratio17.39:1
Output Shaft2 1/2" Hex
Oil Capacity1.7 Gallons
Oil TypeSAE 80W90 GL-5
Shaft Pull Out (lbs.)22,500 lbs.
NOTE: Revolution Drive units are not recommended for DTH and will not be covered under warranty for damage due to down-the-hole drilling.
Reference Torque Chart
Pressure (psi)Torque (ft/lbs)
Reference Speed Chart
Flow (gpm)Speed (rpm)

Output speed and torque specifications are NOT listed at 100% efficiency. Maximum efficiencies have been applied to the torque and speed charts according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Speed and torque output are dependent on the overall system efficiencies associated with the prime mover's hydraulic system. When the purchaser is determining criteria for specific applications, please contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer has made every attempt to present accurate and suitable information. This web page should be used for information and comparative purposes only. When application-specific information is required, please contact the manufacturer.

Power Pole Drill

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Pneumatic OilerOiler(Recommended for use with Power Pole Drill) Maximum Operating Pressure:
  • 7 and 12 gallon - 600 psi
  • 17 and 33 gallon - 1,000 psi
  • 7 gallon - 600 psi
  • 12 gallon - 600 psi
  • 17 gallon - 1,000 psi
  • 33 gallon - 1,000 psi
  • Easy to remove cap
  • No moving parts
  • No pumps
  • No wiring
  • Venturi style
  • Infinite flow control with needle valve
  • Manifold can be removed from tank and mounted remotely
  • Sight glass
  • Pressure vessel (A.S.M.E. Code Stamped)
  • 2" or 3" manifold
  • Fill while you drill
  • Fits any drill rig

Manifold needs to be mounted at lubricator bracket level or lower.
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