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Pipe and Casing (Pump Column)

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  • We are your pipeline for quality products, efficiency, and people-oriented service.
  • The product line includes pipe and casing to include plain-end pipe, threaded pipe, fabricated pipe, and precision-fit fabricated parts.
  • Most of the threaded Line Pipe (up to 20" O.D.) is sold to the water well industry as Pump Column. The threaded (or grooved) Ductile Iron Pipe is sold mainly to waterworks jobbers and other applications.
  • Our supplier provides in-house fabricating and machining, exterior coatings, internal coatings, angles and bends, couplings and fittings, and more.

Water Well Fabrication, Machining, Standard, and Custom Products


101 Pipe and Casing Cover


Pipe fabrication

Steel Pipe

Carbon Steel Line Pipe
Our supplier offers one of the most extensive and complete lines of carbon steel pipe available from stock in the eleven western states. Our supplier's inventory includes line pipe in sizes from 4" to 48" in diameter, both welded and seamless, import and domestic. Our supplier stocks the same sizes in a variety of grades and specifications - the most common being A-53 GR B and API-5L GR B.
For less critical applications, our supplier offers very competitive pricing on structural grade steel pipe such as A-252, commercial grade, mill overrun, and limited service. Our supplier also offers extensive threading capabilities (8-Round and 8-V), grooving and beveling as well as torch, rolla, and machine cutting.

The supplier stocks carbon steel Line Pipe from 4" to 48" in various wall thicknesses and grades.


Carbon Steel Line Pipe on loaderCasing is equally as important as pipe. The goal is to make all of your installations come together faster, easier, and at less expense.
Our supplier does this by providing virtually every water well casing component you need -- in a range of sizes, grades, and specifications to meet your needs and budget. It's competitively priced, onsite, and ready for immediate shipment.

Pump Column

Manufacturing machineOur supplier is also one of the leading pump column manufacturers in the United States.They have complete machining and threading capabilities, managed by skilled and experienced technicians, dedicated to producing the highest quality Pump Column and Water Works products available anywhere in the industry.
The typical pump column is made only from prime, certified pipe such as A53-GRB or API-5L GRB. Our supplier manufactures their own quality pump column couplings, 4" - 16", using only prime seamless coupling stock. Threaded ends (without a coupling) are always well-greased and covered with a snug thread protector.

Pump column samplesOur supplier threads both carbon and stainless steel pipe (up to 20" O.D.), to all major pump manufacturers' specifications. They cut the precision threads on either their state-of-the-art CNC Threading Machine or their stationary and receding diehead machines.
Our supplier's pump column, with 8-V butt threads, or 8-V 3/4" taper threads, meets or exceeds the rigid AWWA E101 specification. Flanged column (carbon and stainless) are custom fabricated to your specifications, complete with integral spiders, registered ends, protective coatings, and linings as required.
Our supplier is a leading manufacturer of 8-round deep-set threaded column. They have adapted this exceptional oil field thread to work efficiently in your water well application.
Customers often say that our supplier's pump column goes together and comes apart better than any other brand.

Inner Column

Sample productsAlong with the outer column, our supplier offers a complete line of oil-lubricated tube and shaft assemblies and water-lubricated open line shaft assemblies. They manufacture the inner column to all major pump company specifications. Individual components such as shafts & shaft couplings, bronze & graphite bearings, tubes, sleeves, and water lube spiders are sold separately. Our supplier also specializes in exotic materials and custom configurations.

Flange close-up
CNC machine

Ductile Iron

Flange workOur supplier's reputation for quality materials, prompt service, and meticulous workmanship are the highest priority for the threaded and grooved ductile iron pipe spools. All threaded pipe ends are separately machined to match the threads of each individual ductile iron flange. This creates a near-perfect fit with face-to-face measurements conforming to the specified length dimensions.
All threaded surfaces are coated with a threading compound/sealant, then machined power-tightened and aligned. Unless otherwise specified, all of the ductile iron pipe has cement lining on the interior wall. Other linings such as glass, epoxy, polyethylene, or bare can be supplied as requested. All ductile iron pipe used has a class 53 minimum thickness.
Tight industry tolerances restrict our supplier from offering threaded pipe with loose flanges unless the customer waives our supplier's responsibility for meeting specifications.

The following specifications are met or exceeded in the manufacturing of their flanged or grooved spools:
Material Specifications
AWWA C 151 or ANSI A 21.5 Ductile iron centrifugally cast in metal mold
AWWA C 104 or ANSI A 21.4 Cement mortar lining for ductile iron pipe
ASTM 536 Ductile iron flanges
ANSI B2.1 (NPT) Threaded for flanges class 125 & 250
ANSI B 16.1 Facing and drilling for class 125 flanges
ANSI B 16.6 Facing and drilling for class 250 flanges
Fabrication Specifications
AWWA C 115 or ANSI 21.15 Ductile iron spool fabrication
ANSI B2.1 (NPT) Threaded for ductile iron pipe
ANSI A 21.15 Section 15-8.4 Flange two-hole
AWWA C 115 or ANSI A 21.15 Flange face-to-face parallelism
AWWA C 606 Pipe grooving
+/-1/16 inch Overall spool lengths




Ductile iron pipe samples

Water Well Fabrication

Pipe fitting on truckOur supplier's machine and fabrication shops work together to build various well head parts for the vertical turbine industry. Each component is custom made to individual job specifications and quality inspected throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Fabricated Discharge Heads - L-Type, F-Type, T-Type
  • Fabricated Elbows - Above- and Below-Base
  • Flanged Column (with integral bearing retainers)
  • Flanged Taper Column
  • Suction Barrels
  • Motor Stands
  • Reducing Motor Plates
  • Sole Plates
  • Submersible Surface Elbows
  • Submersible Flanged Column
  • Registered Ends


Water Works

Products of the water works division are sold to pipeline contractors, municipalities, various water agencies, and water works jobbers and suppliers throughout North America.

In addition to complete in-house welding, machining, and fabrication operations our supplier can also provide estimating and comprehensive shop drawings for:
  • Fabricated Fittings (to AWWA C-208 and M-11 manual)
  • Pressure-reducing, blow-off and Turnout Stations
  • Steel and Concrete Reservoir Piping
  • Water and Sewage Steel Piping Plants
  • Water and Sewage Pumping Stations
  • Completely Engineered Pipelines and Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication

Large flange
All major pump companies are sticklers for precision and accuracy in every system component. It is the supplier's mission to meet and exceed these rigid requirements, and to produce finished products that are second-to-none in quality, performance, and on-time delivery.
White pipe fitting

Standard and Custom Products

  • Protective Linings & Coatings
  • Liquid & Fusion Epoxy Coatings
  • Primers & Paints
  • Cement
  • Coal-Tar Enamel
  • blasting & Galvanizing

Specialty Products

  • Steel Butt-Straps
  • Steel Reinforcing Collars
  • Steel Full-Wrappers
  • Harness Assemblies
  • Steel Pipe Supports
  • Steel Weld Nozzles
  • Victaulic Collars (C, D, & E)
  • Victaulic Couplings
  • Flanged Column Pipe
  • Flanged Pipe Tapers
  • Pump Motor Yokes
  • Pump Discharge Heads

Pipe fitting fabrication
Threaded pipe

Fittings and Flanges

  • Threaded Steel Couplings
  • Threaded Steel Plugs
  • Threaded Steel Nipples
  • Steel Weld Fittings
  • Stainless & Carbon Steel Flanges
  • Custom Flanges & Fittings
Light Wall Gauge Pipe
  • Bare Steel
  • Asphalt Wrapped
  • Asphalt Dipped
  • Cement Mortar-Lined
  • Cement Mortar-Coated
  • Plain End, Weld-Bell End
  • Rubber O-Ring End
  • Steel Pipe -- Schedule 10 through XXH

CNC controller

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