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Petol Flange Wrench

(for Threaded Flanges)

Flange Wrench

1/2" pin works 1" to 3" threaded flanges.
Flange wrench side view
5/8" pin works 4" to 12" threaded flanges

The PETOL FLANGE WRENCH was specifically designed for working on threaded flanges. Its unique features allow the operator to quickly and easily tighten and loosen 1" to 12" threaded flanges.

Catalog Number Threaded Flange Sizes Pin Diameters Length (end to end) Weight
FW1 1" - 12" 1/2", 5/8" 18" 4 1/2 lbs.

Unique design significantly reduces the risk of injuries associated with methods currently being used in the field.

Flange wrench in use
Pins fit easily into the threaded flange bolt holes.