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Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products
Directional DrillingDirectional Drilling
Time is money. Now with the Prospector you can get more distance per day on your bores than ever before.
Pipe Beveling MachinesPipe Beveling and Cutting Machines
Pipe beveling and cutting made super easy with these portable, light-weight machines.

Cluster DrillsCluster Drills
Hard rock drilling system capable of drilling 32 to 70 inch diameter holes by combining multiple down-hole drills into a single canister.
Power Pole DrillUtility Power Pole Drill
When compared to augering or blasting methods, Secoroc's utility pole drill permits electric pole sockets to be drilled in hard rock much more efficiently.

MagnetsMagnet Fishing Tools
These magnetic fishing tools use permanent magnets, so no recharging is needed. The magnetic field is directed out of the bottom; therefore there is no magnetism on the sides to adhere to steel casing.
Suckerod ElevatorSuckerod Elevators and Transfers
Petol Suckerod Elevators are manufactured and tested to API 8C. These plate-type elevators are made from heat-treated alloy steel for strength and durability and are rated for 25 tons.

Bit GrindersBit Grinders
Hand-held and bench-mounted equipment for button, face, and tapered rod grinding.
Grinding StonesGrinding Stones
Inexpensive way to touch up your bits before they need a serious sharpening.

Flange WrenchFlange Wrench
Specifically designed for working on threaded flanges. Its unique features allow the operator to quickly and easily tighten or loosen 1" to 12" threaded flanges.
Refinery WrenchRefinery Wrench
Combination pipe wrench/valve wheel wrench designed for multiple uses in the refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.

The POP-IT TOOL is the most versatile flange spreading and prying tool on the market.
Tank Safety GaugeTank Safety Gauge
A quality, accurate, easy-to-install, and virtually maintenance-free gauging system.