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Magnetic Fishing Tools

These magnetic fishing tools are used to retrieve broken drill string components from boreholes.

Fishing tool group, front
These magnetic fishing tools use permanent magnets, so no recharging is needed. The magnetic field is directed out of the bottom; therefore there is no magnetism on the sides to adhere to steel casing. Eyebolt ID = 1-1/4".

Four Sizes Available:

3-1/2" fishing tool, front 3-1/2" fishing tool, back
150 # lifting capacity based on a clean, flat surface.
4-1/2" fishing tool, front 4-1/2" fishing tool, back
350 # lifting capacity based on a clean, flat surface.

5-1/2" fishing tool, front 5-1/2" fishing tool, back
600 # lifting capacity based on a clean, flat surface.
6-1/2" fishing tool, front 6-1/2" fishing tool, back
800 # lifting capacity based on a clean, flat surface.

Instructions and Care:
  • 1. The magnetic surface of the tool must be clean before lowering it into the borehole. There must be direct contact between the magnetic surface and the surface of the item being "fished."
  • 2. Keep the working surface clean and free of chips, oil, dirt, slag, etc. This can be done by wiping the magnetic surface with a cloth or wire brush.
  • 3. It is not necessary to slam or bang the tool down on the item to be lifted. If the pole faces become bent, battered, rounded out, or out of line with each other this reduces the lifting power. Contact us to buy a new tool.
  • 4. If a heavy load is to be lifted, it is a good idea to wiggle or slide the magnetic tool sideways a couple of times.
  • 5. Damage can occur during storage. Protect the tool as much as possible during storage to extend its life. Keep it clean.