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KOPR-KOTE (thread grease) Products

Kopr-Kote thread grease

Full Line of KOPR-KOTE Thread Compound and Lubrication

KOPR-KOTE is a lead-free, heavy-duty drill pipe compound that is unequal in providing thread protection in water well drilling environments, where other compounds fail.
KOPR-KOTE is especially formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup and has a very high static friction factor that helps prevent down hole joint makeup when excessive drilling torques are encountered.

Features / Benefits


KOPR-KOTE provides positive protection of all rotary shouldered connections under every drilling condition. It is particularly effective where elevated levels of stress and temperature are anticipated and for severely deviated holes. KOPR-KOTE is recommended for all oilfield threads: drill pipe, collars, tools, and jacking systems.
KOPR-KOTE is also the preferred lubricant for jackup rig leg racks and pinions through its combination of water resistance, extreme pressure resistance, tackiness, and suitability to both manual and automatic application.
KOPR-KOTE assures proper drill floor makeup and prevents additional makeup down hole. It prevents galling and seizure and allows easy breakout.

Kopr-Kote products
KOPR-KOTE affords controlled frictional characteristics so that connections are torqued to designed stress levels and is recommended for top to bottom application.
KOPR-KOTE assures full hydraulic tool joint efficiency by allowing tool joint shoulder faces to mate perfectly and completely without standoff or deformation.
Consistent torque values are assured upon each successive makeup, preventing belling out or swelling of box members. With KOPR-KOTE, shoulder faces and threads are in proper compression at final makeup, helping prevent wobble or leakage.