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Directional Drilling - more aggressive and controlled steering

Directional drilling equipment

A New Breakthrough

Finally, steering power like you've never known!

"The Prospector"

Directional Drilling Rock Hammer

Drill in actionTime is money. Now with the Prospector you can get more distance per day on your bores than ever before. It is the premier rock tool on the market today and, best of all, it's economical!

A variety of custom-designed Prospector bits fit directly on the end of any directional drilling hammer, allowing you to have more aggressive steering through dirt, rock, and even granite.

Take advantage of how Prospector bits and equipment may help you! The Prospector was meticulously designed and patented by a drilling contractor fordrilling contractors. It isn't an engineer's lifeless drawing on a blueprint, but rather the result of a lifetime of experience that brings the innovation to this remarkable rock tool. We know firsthand the challenges you are facing. And now with The Prospector your job can be a whole lot easier.

Directional Drilling Hammer

Advanced Steerability

Now you can have more aggressive and more controlled steering than ever before. Together with specialty drilling hammer drill bits the manufacturer has designed an advanced steering mechanism for drilling hammers. In head-to-head competition The Prospector has outperformed every competitor, every single time. Needless to say, operators in the field prefer the extra steering flexibility. Find out today what The Prospector can do for your business!

Support Packs

Power support packImagine not having to use a backhoe to move your support pack. This easy-to-use portable support pack is extremely efficient and economical. If there is a problem in the field with your support pack, you no longer have to ship it off to be repaired. Approximately 20" x 30" x 18", this portable support pack can be moved around by hand and is easily adjusted right in the field, if necessary. Additionally, oversized blow holes provide maximum air and water to keep the hole clean. Dual stone housing with shock absorbers help protect your locating equipment and drill. It's run primarily by air, with minimal water usage, so there's less mess to clean up. This inventive operation makes it more efficient than other dated equipment. See how it can help you!

Custom Parts and Services

Know that you are working with the best. Quality does matter, both to the job and to your business reputation. All of these parts are machined at their shops and readily available. The manufacturer offers a full line of precision hole openers, roller comb reamers, and bits, mostly custom. They are also more economical than their competitors'. Reamers range from 8" to 72". The manufacturer stands behind the quality of all parts and provides service to parts if ever needed. As a company, their mission is to provide the most durable products at the most reasonable cost.

Equipment onsite and closeup
The Prospector drilling system will go where no other directional rig has gone before.

The system offers faster drilling through the hardest rock and uses fewer drilling fluids, reducing costs and environmental concerns.

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