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Core Tools

core tools

Core Bits and Drill Bits

  • PCD core and drill bits
  • Natural diamond surface set bits
  • Impregnated bits
  • Tungsten carbide bits
  • Casing shoes and bits
  • Drill rod shoes
  • Diamond turbo directional drilling bits
  • Sidetracked directional drilling bits
  • Hole openers


Specialty Diamond Products and Services

  • Impregnated core laboratory plug bits
  • Surface set natural diamond plug bit
  • Metal bonded diamond plug bits
  • Surface set natural diamond gang saw segments
  • Grinding wheel diamond dressing tools
  • PCD cutter rotation and replacement
  • Laboratory coring drill press

core bit
core bit
core bit
core bit
gold and silver bits
Turbo RS bit

bit bottoms

Down Hole Drilling Tools and Accessories

  • Core barrels
  • Core springs and shoes
  • Core barrel parts
  • Core boxes
  • Water swivels and repair parts
  • Wireline drill rod

Laboratory Coring Drill Press

  • 1 1/2 horse power, two-speed motor
  • 450 RPM and 900 RPM
  • 110 volt AC, 20 AMP
  • 41 inch travel
  • Bellows water shield
  • Drain pump
  • 24-inch by 24-inch stainless steel pan with tie downs
  • AMP meter
  • Built in water swivel
  • 1 1/4-inch - 7 threaded bit adaptor
  • Rack and pinion manual feed
  • Wheel kit for easy moving