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Casing Holder

Casing HolderThe Casing Holder is an external gripping device which holds strings of casing on the OD using a conventional "slip" action. It is generally used to hold the casing string in the borehole while additional lengths of casing are added to the string.

Casing Holder features:
  • Available with mechanical, air or hydraulic slip actuation.
  • Inclined wedge holding system, no shoulder required.
  • Thirty-five ton holding capacity.
  • Can be installed above or below drilling table.
  • Comes with one set of slips.
Height is to top of linkage. Handle is removable and can be installed at either end of holder. Pneumatic/Hydraulic Casing Holders and Removable Side Plates are available on any model. Model Size is dictated by the maximum casing size that will fit into a particular Holder Frame. Note that slips designed to fit a small frame size such as 4 - 8 are less expensive than the same size slips to fit Model 4 - 26. Some drillers prefer to have several different sized models particularly if they have multiple rigs.

ModelCasing SizesLengthWidthHeightShippingWt
4-84 1/2" - 8 5/8"24"14"9"112 lbs
4-124 1/2 " - 12 3/4"30"18"9"142 1bs
4-164 1/2" - 16"33"22"9"164 1bs
4-184 1/2" - 18"36"28"9"174 1bs
4-204 1/2" - 20"36"28"9"184 1bs
4-244 1/2" - 24"40"30"9"204 1bs

Casing holer
Casing holder