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AXG (FG-AXG) - Duplex Power Pump

AXG (FG-AXG) Duplex Power Pump
The American Model FG-AXG is a duplex reciprocating-type power slush pump designed for maximizing volume without sacrifice of working pressure and compactness.
Its power end is a rugged, one-piece unit with integral supports for jackshaft and eccentric shaft bearings. The cover is removable for easy access to the power end components.
Connecting rods are one-piece cast alloy with renewable eccentric bushings and crosshead bushings. The one-piece skirt type cast alloy crosshead is reinforced at all load areas.
Fluid end of the FG-AXG is a one-piece casting with conventional pot-type valves. Steel studs secure valve covers, flanges, and plates to the fluid end, and fluid end to power end.
All bearings are sealed in individual pressure gun lubricated housings. Eccentrics, crossheads, and pins are lubricated from the power end reservoir through normal movement of parts.
American lubricator-type packing glands provide positive lubrication to piston rods. This pump is equipped with American pistons, hardened liners, rods, and valves all designed for the drilling industry.

AXG parts
Standard Equipment:
  1. 5" A, Piston API-No. 1 taper
  2. Liners and gravel valve
  3. Double-ended jackshaft
  4. Piston rods - API No. 1 taper
  5. Wood Skid
  6. Lubricated Packing Glands


Pump Weight: 2,300 lbs.

Length: 79.3"
Width: 35.4"
Height: 23.3"

Jackshaft Extension
Diameter: 2.44"
Length: 6.06"
Keyway: 6" L x 5/8" x W x 5/8" H

Stroke Length: 6"

Liner Size
Minimum: 2.5"
Maximum: 5"

Fluid End Type: Cast Iron One Piece

Number of Pistons: 2

Piston Rod Load: 6,122 lbs.

Oil Capacity: 4.5 gallon

Maximum BHP
Mud Service: 32
Ind'l. Service: 42.5

Maximum Jackshaft RPM
Mud Service: 354
Ind'l. Service: 472

Suction Connection: 4" NPT 125#

Discharge Connection: 2" NPT 600#
Note: All installations must contain a pressure relief valve in the discharge line near the pump to help prevent breakage.

Performance Ratings
Based on 90% mechanical efficiency and 100% volumetric efficiency.
AXG Duplex Industrial Pump for Oil Line, Mining, and Industrial Service
Normal Operation
ModelStrokeLiner Size Diameter (in.)Displacement (gpm)Max Pump RPMJack-shaft RPMInput HP at Max Speed
4 1/2121
3 1/272

**Maximum Recommended Operation
Displacement (gpm)Max Pump RPMJack-shaft RPMInput HP at Max Speed**Maximum Working PressureMaximumbPiston Load
20010047242.53106,122 lbs.

AXG Duplex Mud Pump for Mud, Grout, and Cement Service
Normal Operation / Maximum Recommended Operation
ModelStrokeLiner Size Diameter (in.)Displacement (gpm)Max Pump RPMJack-shaft RPMInput HP atMax Speed***Maximum Working PressureMaximum Piston Load
AXG6"515075354323106,122 lbs.
4 1/2121385
3 1/272646

**These speeds are recommended for favorable suction conditions and consideration must be given to viscosity and character of fluids.
***Maximum working pressure shown applies to the fluid ends. Power ends are designed for certain maximum piston rod loads, and in service the power end determines the maximum pressure on a given size piston. Tabulated maximum pressure for any given size piston for maximum piston rod load must not be exceeded even at reduced RPM.

American Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., has assessed the quality management systems of American Manufacturing, Inc., and declared that the organization is in conformance with ISO 9001:2000 to manufacture OEM Mud Pumps and Replacement Parts for Mud Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Rig Parts, and Swivel Parts for the Oil, Gas, and Water Drilling Industries.

AW1122BCD Piston Pump
Pump ModelAW1122BCD
ConfigurationHorizontal Triplex Piston
Number of Pistons3
Stroke Length2.75 inches
Piston Load5940 lbs.
Pump Weight460 lbs.
Direction of RotationTop of shaft away from head
Internal Gear Rotation3.6:1
Intermittent Duty Speed Rating900 RPM (Jackshaft)
Continuous Duty Speed Rating750 RPM (Jackshaft)
Ball Valve Max Speed Rating635 RPM (Jackshaft)
Minimum Speed360 RPM
Mechanical Efficiency85%
Lubrication SystemSplash, Gravity Return
Lube Oil Capacity1 Gallon
Lube Oil TypeSAE 30
Maximum Fluid Temperature140°F (250° Capability)
Minimum Fluid Temperature0°F (-20° Capability)
Standard Suction Size2.00 inch NPT
Standard Discharge Size1.25 inch NPT
Fluid End MaterialDuctile Iron
Valve TypeBall Valves

AW1122BCD Performance Rating
Piston (inch)Displacement /REV (gallon)Maximum Pressure (PSI)Pump Capacity @ Input Speed (RPM)
350 RPM (gpm)500 RPM (gpm)635 RPM (gpm)750 RPM (gpm)900 RPM (gpm)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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